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Trying to keep up with the latest townhouses development releases is almost a full-time job.   Searching multiple websites, registering for projects only to never be contacted by the developer or agent is time consuming and frustrating. Adding to the merry-go-round of research is missing out on purchasing a townhouse which ticks all your boxes but you missed out because townhouses sell quickly.

Back to the drawing board of searching multiple website to find just one, one, townhouse that suits your needs. Sound familiar? Yes. We hear it everyday. It is enough to drive the best of us around the bend but it is also how we identified a gap in the market for a website that just listed all the current off the plan, under construction and new townhouses for sale across Australia.

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The popularity of townhouses in Australia is surging. Townhouses are popular as they appeal to all buyer types, first home buyers, down-sizers wanting to buy something that feels like their family home in the same suburb. Young couples and families who cannot afford larger established homes in an area but can afford a townhouse and investors attracted to the land component and scarcity when compared to apartments. This is why townhouses sell quickly, very quickly – everyone is in the market to buy one.

Then there are the comparable advantages of townhouse developments to apartments and established homes and house & land packages, no wait times for the elevator, comparably less annual body corporate costs, less maintenance whilst offering a secure, lock and leave lifestyle just to name a few.


How then, do you ensure you don’t miss out and stay ahead of the market?


Townhouse developments has over 5,000 builder and developer townhouse companies Australia wide who use the website for marketing and sales of their projects. As we are Australia’s first and only dedicated website for townhouses we are their go to resource to sell their developments to our projects, giving our clients first chance to pick the best townhouses in these off market developments.

Townhouse developers and builders are typically one and the same. Unlike a master planned land estate or apartment development where the developer is the visionary or entrepreneur putting together the entire project and the builder carries out the construction in the majority of circumstances for townhouse developments the developer is the builder. This is positive for many reasons, the builder is onsite on the tools so has hands on control over the quality of the construction and allows for a direct line of communication to the builder should any requests for floor plan alterations need to be made.

Townhouse launches are increasingly done off market. Off market means the development is launched to one exclusive selected company to sell the development to its clients, in our case townhouse developments, and that at any stage of the sales and marketing phase or program be able to be searched or viewed on another public website, newspaper, magazine or billboard. This is why when you drive past a under construction or new townhouse project and try to find it online in many cases you will not be able to do so and all the more reason it is best to register for our weekly townhouse development updates.

By registering for townhouse developments weekly townhouse updates you will receive weekly emails containing information of the newest townhouse launches for the week and offering registration for future planned townhouse projects launches.

If you have clearly defined selection criteria or need some help with defining your selection criteria one of our team can speak to you over text or phone or sit with you at a convenient time in our office or a cafe to have a relaxed chat about your townhouse needs.

Staying ahead of the market when looking to buy a townhouse is of paramount importance. Townhouse developments is here to give you timely project launches and detailed information as possible to help you find a townhouse that meets or comes as close as possible to your needs. 

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Exclusive Access to the Newest Townhouses