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Townhouse Terminology Explained

Townhouse Terminology Explained

Townhouse or Townhome. You say tomato, I say tomato.

Confusing we know, it would be easier if we could just say apartment or house but somehow the market has got a bit carried away with townhouse development descriptions and terminology so we thought it best to give you a translation.

The simplest townhouse definition is ‘a townhouse is a dwelling (property) which is typically double story with 2 or more bedrooms’. Townhouses are considered medium density. That is, the population within a defined area. Apartments are considered high density, house and land packagaes are considered low density. Townhouses can also be detached, semi-detached or stand alone, that is, does the dwelling share a common wall with an adjoining property?

A quick detour to explain strata title. Townhouse developments often have common property such as shared driveway, landscaped gardens, walkways or corridors which is owned by a corporation of individual owners or group of owners and the individual dwelling are owned by the individual owners. Increasingly townhouse developments have some shared community attributes therefore they are strata titled and will have a annual body corporate levy which is used to contribute to maintenance of the shared area.

Townhouse development terminology also varies from state to state and location. In New South Wales townhouses are referred to as duplex’s and location wise an inner ring or inner city townhouse is referred to as a loft and in outer ring a townhome.

Loft residences are more than likely located in the inner and middle ring or in locations that are located close to train stations or suburb retail villages where land is of a premium. This will entail a basement or ground level garage or car parking which is generally open plan with access to the property via stairs or lift.

Masterplanned communitites and land estates are increasingly designing and developing townhouses in or opposite the town centre or parkland. To maximise the ventilation, aspect and therefore view over these landmarks car parking is designed to be accessed from a rear road or laneway and are referred to as terraces or terrace homes.

Townhouse description examples;

  • Townhome
  • Town Residence
  • Terrace
  • Loft Residence
  • Unit
  • Villa
  • Condominium (Condo)
  • Plexes (duplex, triplex, quadplex)

Whichever term is used, townhouse developments are designed to match today’s lifestyle, ensuring when at home you feel comfortable and safe. Townhouse living is about adding value to how you spend your time, spend less time cleaning and more time travelling.

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