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Townhouses Hot Spots & Location Leap Frog

Townhouses Hot Spots & Location Leap Frog

The real estate and property market is full of industry and market jargon, hot spot is often referred to or asked about and we can clarify that really it did not matter where you bought or looking to buy as the market for townhouses over and above apartments is very strong so the rental yield and capital growth has been positive.

A hot spot is often the next big thing or where property is going to have the most growth, like winning the lotto we all want this. However, the fact remains that the entry price to purchase a townhouse anywhere is still going to be considerable so first you need to evaluate your price point budget and work from there. Hot spots follow the guideline of it is best to purchase in proximity to transport and amenity.

Think about your daily routine and what you need to go about your day in an efficient manner. Things like transport, proximity to bus stop, tram stop or train station, supermarket and retail services, schools. School zones are increasingly driving property prices as the popularity of state schools over private schools due to the school fees being considerably less and the academic offering and success of the students is comparable and often exceeds the results at private schools. Increasingly also access to main arterial roads, freeways and motorways, to access different suburbs and ability to reach the city or airport in a timely manner. Australia’s population is growing at such a rate we are getting to a size like America where we will soon spend 10% of our daily time in the car or traveling to and from work.

Location leap frog is what we call the townhouse compromise. Location leap frog is an alternative compromise to your first choice, allowing you to enter the market before leapfrogging back into your first choice. For many first home buyers or first time investors enter the market and realize their dream of home ownership they require assistance from parents, bank or credit card which usually comes in the form of a deposit for a property. When this is not an option most have to turn to renting in the area they would like to live, thus creating a generation of renters much like is common in Germany.

Location Leap frog is simply making the cognitive decision to purchase not in their perfect suburb but in the suburb next door or a few suburbs along what maybe the same train line in the catchment or corridor.

Townhouse developments specialize in off market townhouses for sale across Australia – you will be sent townhouses first, before anyone else. We have the largest selection of townhouse projects in Australia. These projects have been compiled for you to this one website – we have two team members keeping this up to date daily. So don’t miss out on townhouse you want come in and see us today to learn about the townhouse market, different plans and price points in different suburbs and lets formulate a strategy to pin point what your needs and wants are to best save you time looking for endless hours upon hours on all these other different websites.

To be kept up to date on our new townhouse listings you can enter your contact details on the contact us page and you will receive weekly townhouse development updates, we promise to not bombard you with emails and texts!

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